The Touchless Boat Cover
Tri Lake Automatic Boat Covers
Branson, MO

Tri Lake Automatic Boat Covers was established to sell Touchless Covers in 2014. Owner Ed Tibbs has 40 years of equipment manufacturing and service experience.

Tri Lake Automatic Boat Covers is a Touchless Boat Cover factory authorized dealer.

  • Covers available for Golf Carts, ATVs and RVs as well as Boats and PWCs.
  • Cover or uncover your boat in 29 seconds with 1 FINGER!
  • Save hours of time-consuming boat cleaning
  • Eliminates Spiders & Wasps
  • Helps stop mold & mildew
  • Protects from sun damage and weathering
  • No more ropes, straps, or snaps
  • Substantially increase the resale value of your boat